(2011-14) video projections
+ pigment prints

Foghorn (2011) Single Channel Video Projection, 3 min loop.
Distress Call (2011) Single Channel Video Projection, 3 min loop.

Lighthouse (2011) HD Video, 8 min.

The video installation, Signalmasters, is part of an ongoing project that examines methods of visual and acoustic signalling used within maritime communication. The project was initially conceived as homage to the artist’s grandfather, who worked as a lighthouse keeper along the east coast of Australia and as a navy man in World War II. The two subjects in Signalmasters reframe navigational and navy distress codes as gestures thrown out to an empty ocean horizon. Instead of an exchange between vessels at sea, these performed signals indicate a desire, and sometimes inability, to communicate over geographical and cultural distance. Signalmasters explores this particular negotiation across land mass and ocean and the socio-political narratives embedded within this border crossing.

Installation documentation, NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging), Artspace Sydney 2014; Aircraft Signal(2011) Pigment Print on Cotton Rag, 42x38cm; Portrait of the Artist’s Grandfather circa 1946 (2013), Pigment Print on Cotton Rag, 30x38cm; Signalmasters II, two channel video projection, 3:40 loop.