Leyla Stevens is an Australian-Balinese artist and researcher who works predominately within moving image and photography. Her practice is informed by ongoing concerns around gesture, ritual, spatial encounters, transculturation and counter histories. Working within modes of representation that shift between the documentary and speculative fictions, her work deals with a notion of counter archives and alternative genealogies. Currently her research engages with silenced histories and how they register spatially – as gaps, erasures and present absences in the land. Past exhibitions and selections includes: The John Fries Award at UNSW Galleries (2018); BEAUT 19, Triennale of Unwhere, Brisbane (2019), Of Love and Decomposition, Firstdraft (2016); the 2014 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) at Artspace; and the 2014 SafARI biennale. Upcoming shows in 2019 include a solo exhibition, Their Sea is Always Hungry, at UTS ART. In 2015 she was awarded a Skills and Development (General) grant through the Australia Council for the Arts which was used to undertake an artist mentorship program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is currently undertaking doctoral research at the University of Technology Sydney.

An Artist CV can be downloaded here.